About Us


Hi! My name is Diana and my husband and I own a small bath & body and candle business. This is our story.

I have strangely sensitive skin. Something as simple as selecting a soap would become an entire project. Too fragrant? Skin irritation. Moisturizing? Dry out my skin. I was left with Dove Original. The bar. Not the wash. 

There had to be a better way. Cue 2019.

I have to give it to YouTube.Being a teacher on summer vacation, I finally had time on my hands to see what creators out there had to teach me. It seemed that the algorithm read my mind because a video from someone called Soap Queen popped up about making lavender soap. I watched as Ann Marie spoke about all these ingredients and used a stick blender to create magic... and I was hooked. I convinced my husband to watch some videos and he was sucked in too. That summer, I bought my first Brambleberry kit and made my first soap. 

I watched video after video and came across Royalty Soaps. Katie Carson's energy was fascinating and her kindness in sharing her recipe allowed me to tweak it to create one that works for my weird, sensitive skin. I was sold. A hobby was born.

Spring 2020 came and the world came to a stop. Teaching virtually was an endless stress. I spoke with my husband and we decided it was time to make my hobby a business. In May of 2020, Brick City Soaps was born. We began to sell our products to families and friends. Slowly our little business began to pick up steam.

In 2021, we decided to expand our line to candles. My mother loves burning candles. However, my father was battling cancer and I wanted to ensure the candles around him were safe and clean-burning. As we expanded our line, we knew that our name needed a change.

And so, we come to Brick City Scents! Our love for our handmade products continues and we continue to focus on creating products that benefit those who want organic items and are conscious of what they have around them.