About Us


Brick City Soaps originated from my need to find a soap that would not irritate my sensitive skin. There was only one particular “beauty bar” from one particular brand that I could use. I knew there had to be more out there. After endless hours of YouTube binging, ordering test kits, and making some rather peculiar-looking soaps, a hobby came to be. Continued testing, perfecting the recipe, and having wonderful friends who were willing to be testers brought Brick City Soaps to life.


What's In a Name?

Selecting a name was the most difficult part. My husband, Eduardo, and I wanted to pick a name that resonated with us. After much debate, Brick City Soaps, my favorite choice from the beginning, won. Brick City Soaps is an homage to our hometown’s nickname “Brick City” of Newark, NJ. Newark is home and we knew that Brick City Soaps would fit right in.

Our focus would be on creating soaps using the best natural oils and butters and premium fragrances. We had our plan and we had our name. On May 11, 2020, Brick City Soaps was born.


From Brick City Soaps to Brick City Scents

As I continued to research bath products that would be safe for my picky skin, and scents for candles, I noticed the vast amount of chemicals being used, most of them impossible to pronounce. We knew that creating products that are safe for our customers was of utmost importance. Brick City Soaps no longer suited our needs. We were more than just soaps; we are now Brick City Scents.