A New Beginning

Welcome to Brick City Scents! With the launch of the new website there was much thought given as to what would become of Brick City Soaps. The name, Brick City Soaps, means so much to me. Born and raised in Newark, NJ, being an educator for this great city and now opening a business, there was no better way I could think of honoring The Brick City. 

My husband, Eduardo, and I quickly agreed on the name and Brick City Soaps was born. From its inception in  August 2019 to its incorporation in  May of 2020, we knew Brick City Soaps was going to be more than just soaps. We expanded to candles and bath treats. And as much as we love our name, it just wasn't fitting us anymore.

With much deliberation, on my end, and going back and forth, I took the leap. We will always be Brick City Soaps in our heart. But we are now and forever more Brick City Scents. A small business that creates handmade soaps, bath treats, and hand poured candles to suit the interests of all of our customers.

Welcome, and stay awhile!

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